Funny Story

Funny experience…

I want to tell you about my experience. It happened when I was five.

I have a neighbor. His house was not far from my house. I call her Mama Resti. He has a small shop. I like to buy anything there.
Sharas I and my brother wanted to buy some candy. We carry five hundred, when I came into the store, I take five candy. I gave him my money. But he did not receive my money. “Why did you not receive my money?” I asked. “The money you five hundred coins, right?” Mama said Resti. He did not like the coin. Because people buy something at the store and they did not coin money as they change. So, he does not like the coin. My sister and I hated it.
We went out of his shop, but before that I said softly, “Oh my God, I hope people will not come into this store again because she was cruel.”. Suddenly Mama Resti mad at me, he said loudly, “Hah! You’re not polite.” I said, “You’re cruel”. Having said that, I ran fast and Sharas. I think he’s upset because he heard me.
After that I never came to his shop again.


By, Rahmatiya Napu


3 Responses to “Funny Story”

  1. you funny story is ambarassing and good job ….

  2. this is verry good

  3. thank you my friends

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